Cyberbullying Effects Prevention

Project CREEP (Cyberbullying Effects Prevention) aims at preventing the negative impacts of cyberbullying on young people, by monitoring social media and deploying a personalised virtual coaching system for managing the most at-risk situations.


CREEP – Cyberbullying Effects Prevention

EIT Digital Call 2018 / Action Line: Digital Wellbeing / Duration: 12 months – from January to December 2018

Project CREEP (Cyberbulling Effects Prevention) aims at identifying and preventing the possible negative impacts of cyberbullying on young people. It seeks to realise advanced technologies for the early detection of cyberbullying phenomena through the monitoring of social media and the communication of preventive advices and personalized recommendations tailored to adolescents’ needs through a virtual coaching system (chatbot).

Thanks also to the support of the Department of Health and Social Solidarity and the Department of Knowledge of the Autonomous Province of Trento (Italy), Trentino region will become a living lab where cyberbullying will be analysed not only on the Web, but also through a survey administered to a representative sample of students and in-depth interviews with experts in the fields of education and health. In addition, students and teachers of some pilot classes of local middle and high schools will take part in educational and exploratory workshops, aimed at raising awareness on the phenomenon and testing the technological tools developed.

Who is it for?

Project CREEP is addressed to students, teachers and parents, as well as to all operators in the field of education and health that act at the local level to prevent and combat cyberbullying.

Who are we?

CREEP is coordinated by the ICT Center of Fondazione Bruno Kessler in Trento – Italy, in partnership with the Italian company Expert System, the eCrime research group of the University of Trento, the French research center Inria and the German startup Neuronation.

Who is funding the project?

CREEP is funded under the Digital Wellbeing Action Line of EIT Digital. The project will be implemented from January to December 2018.


Activity Leader

Business Champion

Scientific Partner

Scientific Partner

Business Partner


Enrico Maria Piras
Activity Leader and Catalyst Leader, CREEP Living Lab - FBK
Andrea Di Nicola
Catalyst Leader, CREEP socio-technical requirements - UNITN
Catalyst Leader, CREEP semantic technology - INRIA
Sara Tonelli
CREEP semantic technology - FBK
Claudio Eccher
Catalyst Leader, CREEP virtual coaching system - FBK
Filippo Nardelli
Catalyst Leader, CREEP go to market strategy - Expert System
Jakob Futorjanski
CREEP go to market strategy - NeuroNation
Serena Bressan
Project Manager - FBK
All Team




Futuro Remoto 2018

Expert System presented the preliminary findings of project CREEP at the festival “Futuro Remoto. Ri-generazioni” held at the Città della Scienza in Naples (IT) from 8 to 11 November 2018.


The CREEP project manager Serena Bressan and Gabriele Baratto, researcher of the eCrime research group at the University of Trento, have just come back from Catanzaro (IT) where the 32nd Congress of the Italian Society of Criminology took place (Topic: “Violent Relationships”; Location: “Magna Graecia” University of Catanzaro). They won the first prize for the “Best workshop presentation” related to the scientific project CREEP (Cyberbullying Effects Prevention).

XXXII Congresso Nazionale della Società Italiana di Criminologia

Date: Catanzaro, 18-20 October

Our researchers at the annual conference of the Italian Society of Criminology on technology to prevent CyberBullying effects.

Trento Smart City

Trento Smart City Week prende spunto dall’inserimento della città di Trento nella classifica delle prime 10 Smart Cities al mondo secondo l’IEEE Smart Cities Initiative.

Nasce dall’iniziativa congiunta di 5 Enti promotori e dalla collaborazione di molte altre realtà del territorio trentino.

EDUCA 2018

“ALGORITMI EDUCATIVI. Responsabilità e spirito critico nel tempo delle nuove tecnologie”. Dal 13 al 15 aprile a Rovereto, grazie al contributo di esperti e studiosi nazionali e alla presentazione di prassi innovative, si proverà attraverso un percorso multidisciplinare ad inquadrare meglio il rapporto fra educazione, relazione e tecnologie digitali.

CREEP officially launched

The CREEP Consortium will hold its kick-off meeting on 16th January at Fondazione Bruno Kessler – FBK ICT Center in Trento, Italy. The Consortium is coordinated by FBK, in partnership with the Italian company Expert System, the eCrime research group of the University of Trento, the French research center Inria and the German startup NeuroNation.

CREEP kickoff meeting

Date: Tuesday 16th January 2018
Venue: Fondazione Bruno Kessler – Centro ICT, via Sommarive 18 – Trento (IT)
Duration: 09.00 – 16.30


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