CREEP Project

We deserve a safe space on the internet. CREEP aims to provide you with a secure internet experience. Keep the bullies out of the sight and feel safe online!

About Project CREEP

Project CREEP is addressed to students, teachers and parents, as well as to all operators in the field of education and health that act at the local level to prevent and combat cyberbullying.

How Can Parents Help?


Don’t let your children be silent sufferers. Check for signs of fear or depression in them.
Open conversations can solve a lot of problems. Talk to your children and help them open up.
When facing a cyber-attack, try to record it. A simple screenshot can do a lot to stop these bullies.

Take the right step by reporting the crime along with the records to the concerned authorities.

Be supportive of your children. Guide them and help them get through their challenging phase.

Anti-Bullying Services

Helplines and anti-bullying services provide the timely help that victims need to get over their fear, depression, and trauma. It also guides them to stay prepared and face such issues with courage and not be trapped.

Advocacy For Bullied Students

Be the change by becoming the advocate of our anti-bullying movement. Let us protect the future of our children and make the internet a safe place for them.

Seminars, Presentations, and Trainings

Participate in the seminars and training on cyberbullying to identify and stop these online miscreants from robbing your data, privacy, and, worst of all, your PEACE!


Together We Can Stop Cyberbullying

The movement against cyberbullying is not one man’s one-day job. It needs collective and consistent efforts from all of us. Together, we can!

Understanding Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying can take place in different ways. Many people step away from one trap only to fall for the other. The following are the ways one can harm your online presence:

Cyber Stalking


Outing & Trickery



Masquerading / Impersonation




Recent Updates

You Are Not Alone! We Are Here To Help!

Get in touch with us to share your experiences, suggestions, and issues. The solution is cyberbullying is closer than you think!